Saturday, February 9, 2008

KASC Boosts its Research Priorities

by Marciano Paroy Jr.

Being the prime research institution in the province of Kalinga, the Kalinga-Apayao State College sets new targets to be accomplished this year. Having made impressive developments in agricultural and Science-and-Technology (S&T) research, the agency has identified a number of priorities to delve on.

“One of the upcoming projects is the Tissue Culture Lab to be established in the Bulanao Campus,” Dr. Jovita Saguibo, Research Director, said. “Of course, the school has an existing tissue culture lab, but it only shares space with the Research and Extension building. For us to really prosper in the field of tissue culture, we really need a separate station devoted solely for the purpose.”

The school’s endeavor on tissue culture has yet to gain its big leap. Currently, the tissue culture undertaking of the school is in the hands of Dr. Hazel Buslig who, along with Ms. Cyrila Bawer, has been trained for the laborious task. Ms. Buslig’s first venture was into the culturing of lacatan.

The lacatan tissue culture apparently gained the attention of Congressman Manuel Agyao, who proposed the construction of a tissue culture laboratory for the province of Kalinga.

“It is with pleasure that we acknowledge the interest of the Congressman to construct his proposed tissue culture lab inside KASC,” College President Eduardo Bagtang said. “Not only will it create income opportunities for the school, but will also establish KASC and the province of Kalinga as one of the tissue culture leaders in the region.”

The Bureau of Plant Industry–CAR then visited KASC last Februray 5-6. According to Jesus Aspuria, Center Chief, “The purpose of our visit is to verify and look into the viability of possible construction of a Tissue Culture for mushroom in the area and eventually for recommendation to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture.”

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