Friday, August 22, 2008

ALMORA,, MADIO, SACLAG AND BAYLE-NG: Do they deserve their awards?

Awards. Everybody loves them. And almost everyone would do everything it would take to get one – even if it means trampling on other people’s shoulders, just so they could be pushed down, while ensuring that the person being held aloft would be noticed and eventually bag the title eyed for.

Indeed, there are awards garnered that way.

However, what if the award was truly deserved? What if the recipient did not only work hard for the honor, but also was not aware that in so doing, he or she has been satisfying the criteria of some award-giving body whose existence the awardee was not even aware of in the first place.

Mother Teresa did not begin doing her charity work just so she could win the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1990’s. Lualhati Bautista did not put his creative energies into paper just so he could win various literary awards.

Awards, for those who are truly detached from the trophy, plaque, or medal, are affirmation of the awardee’s commitment to high standards. Most awardees would say “I did not expect this; I just keep doing what I think is good.”

And, as a result of setting and sticking to these standards, other people notice. And bestow the mark of distinction to the deserving recipients.

Dr. Jaime Almora was recognized for his contribution to the promotion of agricultural technologies, in his capacity as the Magsasaka Siyentista of the Kalinga-Apayao State College; Ms. Regina Madio and Ms. Marie Saclag reaped their rewards for their dedication to high quality craftsmanship via the Sipag at Tiyaga award; and Ms. Thelma Bayle – Ng got the nod of her fellow business people for her remarkable and inspiring success in the field of business.

Dr. Almora was awarded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development of the DOST; Ms. Madio and Ms. Saclag’s distinction was bestowed on them by Sen. Manuel Villar; and Ms. Ng was recognized by the Phil. Center for Entrepreneurship-Go Negosyo.

Oh yes, the awards came from the national and regional levels – assuring us that their being recognized underwent some stringent scrutiny and evaluation. Add to that the fact that Dr. Almora, Ms. Madio and Ms. Saclag and Ms. Ng are practically unknown to those involved in the awards.

Yes, we all love awards. And without doubt, these distinctions would push the recipients to even go further than what they have achieved – to improve on perfection, so to speak.

But the awards would become more meaningful when they truly inspire other people to exert similar efforts. Otherwise, these accolades would simply end up in display shelves to be ogled at by visitors who wait by the living room.

Congratulations, again, to Dr. Almora, Ms. Madio, Ms. Saclag and Ms. Bayle-Ng! As your profits increase, so shall the number of people you inspire!


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