Saturday, November 22, 2008


In every crate of tomatoes from the farm, a piece may be rotten. The probability is qualified by the condition that the tomatoes were packed by human hands – thus, not immune to error.

Having been raised in a farming community, I know that as a piece joins a crate, there is just a split-second for one to decide whether the piece should be included in the pickings or should it be discarded. And since one can only base his appraisal on what one sees, a tomato (or any fruit, for that matter) which looks healthy – but which may be infested with worms inside – joins the fray. And slowly contribute to the damage of the whole pack.

Which is not at all different in an organization. Since both objectivity and subjectivity are the order of the day when applicants undergo the selection process, there is always the chance that an excellently packaged contender sooner or later turns out to be one hell of a mistake. Like the illustration below:


Who is this employee at a certain agency here in Tabuk who claims to have high morals but who cannot really live up to what he (yes, HE) preaches? He professes a strong faith in God – so strong that he fails to appreciate the fact that those surrounding him are as Christian as he is. He is one of those who truly believe that they – and only they – find favor in God’s sight, as if everyone else pales in comparison.

He acts the part perfectly. However, it is really an act. For as you turn your back and go your own way after finishing a little chat with him, he begins talking about you – even using the words you have previously uttered in front of him as his basis in concocting a tale about you.

Kalalakeng tao, tsismoso. Di la agkintayeg nu rumuar jay bibig na ti “Praise the Lord.”

I imagine him in the following scenario (let’s name him Man of Strong Faith):

CO-EMPLOYEE: Have you heard about the daughter of Mrs. Someone?

MAN OF STRONG FAITH: The pretty girl who used to come here at the office? Why? What happened to her?

CO-EMPLOYEE: She’s currently the problem of Mrs. Someone. She got pregnant.

MAN OF STRONG FAITH: Praise the Lord!


  1. Hello Mars,

    I've been trying to figure out how to get in touch with you.

    Read your piece on drunk blowing. It's a winner. But where's part II?

    Let's down a few bottles one of these days, ayt?

    I live at the other end of Ablan avenue, last corner before the river.

    Take care.


    p.s. Difficult times for the (pseudo?)cities of Batac and Tabuk. Ouch.

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