Thursday, June 11, 2009

The LGU-Tabuk and TESDA-Kalinga Partnership: Anya ti Nadanun na, so Far?

by Marciano A. Paroy, Jr.

I recently got involved in a DevCom task for Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA)-Kalinga, as requested by its Provincial Director Julie Banganan. The job: to collate the data that pertain to the partnership between TESDA-Kalinga and the local government unit of Tabuk – and come up with one info-material that highlights and boasts of the outputs of said partnership.
Normally, working alone is the more ideal option, as this would push us to attack a task the way we would want it done. The danger of having too many heads is that there is a tendency of being out-of-focus and unfortunately come up with a poorly done product (Don’t get me wrong. I am specifically talking about info-materials – not programs and projects in general, which, of course, necessitates participatory decision-making by as many sectors as possible).
That is why advertisements are, for the most part, created by a single designer – and just later on presented for approval or, hmmm, rejection.
The production of the TESDA promotional/info-material, however, entailed close working ties with the two agencies concerned: TESDA and LGU-Tabuk. I had no prior knowledge about the working attitude or the speed and vigor of the people I would be dealing with, so I was quite adamant about our ability to meet our target.
Surprise: the target was hit, bulls eye.
My salute to Judilyn “Judith” Langgaman of TESDA-Kalinga and Loyda Saboy, the Public Employment Services Officer of Tabuk. Collaborating with them gave me a peek into the working environment of their respective offices. Oh well, there were moments when impatience would ceep in but these were always doused off by the completion of a desired element. Taking the holistic view, hassles and minor irritants were treated as inconsequential details – they did not matter as long as we come up with the intended goal.
I realized that the two key person I mentioned above were always worried about our ability to deliver. There seemed to be this unspoken notion that it’s their necks on the line, not mine. Ms. Langgaman has TESDA PD Banganan to worry about, while Ms. Saboy has The Mayor.
I was, sort of, the outsider – from the academe at that, where working attitudes are somewhat different . For one, we (instructors) have this conscious self-evaluation and the constant desire to please.
In my book, Judith and Loyda are competent at what they do. Being in offices that directly deal with a specific set of clients – the jobless members of the society – they truly have wealthy reserve of patience and commitment.
I also would like to single out Gailin Soriano, also of PESO, and Nathaniel Dalanao of the City Information Office under Sir Olive Gacuya – for the photos they supplied us.
And so we wish “Goo Luck” to LGU-Tabuk as it vies for the TESDA Kabalikat Award.
The Kabalikat Award goes to outstanding partners of TESDA in the public and the private sectors. They are singled out for their drive in implementing and promoting technical-vocational programs and services. Awardees are chosen on the basis of their con¬tribution in terms of investment and resources poured into technical-vocational programs, plus the employability of trained and certified workers.
So… is LGU-Tabuk worthy of such distinction?
As I pored over the materials littered with figures and cold hard facts, I noted that Tabuk should be one of the hands-down winners. No one from LGU-Tabuk brandishes much about the fact that, through the years, Mayor Lammawin and his team of planners have been allotting a considerable slice from Tabuk’s yearly budget – directed to technical/vocational concerns.
But really, the support given by LGU-Tabuk to TESDA programs is one thing that should be lauded about.
I just hope that the evaluators at the regional and national levels will recognize such fact.

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