Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Edison Macusi: a new addition to the Guru writing family

by Marciano Paroy Jr.

Starting this issue, we are pleased to splash across the op-ed pages the outputs of Edison Macusi, carrier of that surname which, to people who knew, has always been identified with the Communication Arts (his father, Sir Desiderio Macusi – prior to his current post at the judiciary – was a former instructor at KASC where he handled courses on creative writing and speech). This younger progeny has been schooled in Biology at UPLB – where, as his website says, he found his spiritual calling. He has been a Christ disciple ever since and even went further by publishing books that continue to earn acclaim in the realm of evangelism.

His website takethelandministries.org shouts out that after graduation, he held jobs as instructor and then as a research assistant at several government offices. He recently received his Master’s degree on International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology (ISATEC) from the University of Bremen in Germany. Quite impressive, huh!

I lifted the following from his website: “He believes in the full restoration of the five-fold ministries of the church, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the apostolic mandate to make all nations disciples of Christ. His main goal in life is to plant, establish and equip local churches so that they would be salt and light in their towns and cities amidst conflict and distress. He wrote Freedom from Religious Bondage, Unmasking Evolution, Restorer's of the breach and The surpassing Peace of God that seek to restore the focus of the church to its rightful place, Jesus, the Bishop and Apostle of our faith.”

All of these at a very young age.

There is hope… Indeed, there is hope.

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