Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LGU-Tabuk’s victory in the Galing Pook Awards

by Marciano "m-16" A. Paroy Jr.

Time and time again, we stress the importance of awards. Not only because they do recognize the vehemence and commitment of the awardees but because they shall serve as inspiration to those who may want to be bestowed with similar accolades in the future.
When a citation is given to an individual, an organization or an institution, one of the first things that we always ask was whether the achievement was gained for the mere sake of winning that award. Of course, awardees would automatically retort that they were simply performing what is expected of them – and that, in so doing, they merited such glowing recognition by a certain award-giving body.
Now there is nothing wrong with that.
Take the case of LGU-Tabuk.
Through the years, Mayor Camilo Lammawin Jr. has always shown predisposition towards the peace process – knowing fully well that an administration with a firm hold on peace issues would have an easier time in implementing its programs and projects. For those who spent time observing his moves, they would have perceived the vehemence with which he pursued the peace vision for Tabuk, which continues to evolve, ethnic-diversity-wise. Add in the unbroken service of the Mayor in his seat, and we have been assured of the continuity of his vision – otherwise, some other mayor would have simply nipped his agenda in the bud and set his eyes on something else.
The current fruits are collectively a hard-earned consequence of such leadership competence. Naming Ernesto Baac Sr. and Pastor Alex Gunaban as important fixtures and chief voices of all negotiating elders in the Matagoan Bodong Consultative Council, the Mayor chose well.
But that characterizes the Mayor’s political career: he chooses well – what battles to wage, what programs and projects to prioritize, what people to put in posts that would benefit from their expertise and competence, what persuasion approach to apply when he perceives naysayers, and so many other displays of his ability to choose well.
And because of such savoir-faire, he keeps scoring big. He keeps winning.
Congratulations to the LGU-Tabuk and the MBCC for being among the winners in the Galing Pook Awards 2009.

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