Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gov. Diasen leaves post with great Pride

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Governor Floydelia Diasen is ready to transfer power to the next leadership with pride for a job well done in her three years as the province’s chief executive.
The PEACE agenda of Diasen was able to gain breakthroughs in the five development areas. The PEACE is an acronym for Peace, Order and Safety; Education and Employment; Agricultural Productivity; Culture and Tourism; Environment and Health.
After two years of peace building, a Provincial Peace and Order Strategic Master Plan, a blueprint of all peace programs in the years ahead was crafted. Another significant accomplishment was the creation of the Kalinga Social Integration Program in partnership with Office of the Presidential Assistance for Peace Process where 22 former rebels were given livelihood assistance.
On education, the PLGU educational assistance program helped deserving children of indigent families pursue academic and tech-voc courses. On employment, jobs fair were conducted and applying OFWs were also granted placement fee assistance.
To increase agricultural productivity, 87 farm to market roads s were rehabilitated, 37 community irrigation system repaired, 34 units water works and deepwells, 23 flatbed dryers, and 17 multi-purpose pavements were constructed. , the lady governor was able to work out from the Department of Agriculture P20 million to rehabilitate 15 FMRs in the different municipalities.
She also informed that P10 million through her initiative was sourced out for the rehabilitation of Upper Chico River Irrigation System particularly the construction of protection walls at Baligatan creek, Tuga-Gobgob main canal, Karayan Buris, Dilag-Bayabat and TSCZB at Dananao area.
To sustain food security, the PLGU launched the rapid seed supply financing project and quick recovery program in rice areas affected by typhoons Ondong and Pepeng.
Cultural and tourism development has given impetus on the promotion of the Kalinga Ullalim festival, recording of songs, documentation of rituals and dances even on the website.
Under environment protection, forestry violation decreased with the activation of the Provincial Multi-Sectoral Forest Protection Committee. Tree cutting and illegal transport was regulated.
To promote health, seven new equipments were purchased from the health facility enhancement program of the Department of Health while P650,000.00 worth of medicines was given to the Botika ng Bayan.
About 6,220 indigents were sponsored their Philhealth membership while health workers were granted hazard pay under the Magna Carta for Health Workers.
Meanwhile, the “economic enterprises” projects under the stewardship of Diasen are contributing to the expansion of trade and commerce and in the revenue generation of the provincial local government unit including municipal and barangay levels since they can earn income directly or indirectly through their respective beneficiaries or the operating entity.
Diasen said that on the long term, these projects propelled the opening of business and established permanent source of livelihood as they also created employment opportunities and increase production of famers in the case of agriculture projects and addressed as well poverty to many.
Forming part of her legacy is the Kalinga Astrodome and Convention Center currently under construction. A total of P18.5 million was allocated for the Capitol gymnasium during her incumbency in addition to the P8M spent to start the construction during the term of Governor Dominador Belac.
“If completed, the Provincial Government will save a lot of money because it will no longer rent venues for its activities,” Diasen said adding that this will earn money if it will operate as an economic enterprise.
Engr. Proceso Mario Bayubay of the Provincial Engineering Office said that the project still needs about P12M to complete its construction including sports facilities. /PIA Kalinga

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