Friday, November 22, 2013

2 KASC Research Projects Participate at the Global Multi-Disciplinary e-Conference

by Marciano A. Paroy Jr.

“Awareness on the Availability, Preparation and Uses of Selected Herbal Plants in Kalinga” and “Healthcare Waste Management Practices of Hospitals in Tabuk City” – these two research projects are KASC’s recent contribution to the sharing of knowledge in the international arena when the researchers, led by Christina Lam-osen Ammakiw, took part in an e-Conference whose main base is in Europe.

Organized by the European Scientific Institute, the Global Multi-Disciplinary e-Conference was scheduled in response to UNESCO’s celebration of World Science Day 2013, together with its partners the University of the Azores, Portugal and Grigol Robakidze University – last November 10-12, 2013.

Reflecting what their official statement announced earlier, this academic scientific event gathered researchers from universities, companies and government agencies from all around the globe. The participants presented their scientific attainments in various academic disciplines in online sessions. The event connected different cultures thus contributing to knowledge transfer, sharing of best practices and research skills improvement.

According to the official website, all accepted papers will be published as a special publication with an ISBN number. The author will also be sent a printed copy of the publication after the forum. The papers will also be published in a special edition of one of the most Influential international scientific journals in South Europe, The European Scientific Journal (ESJ).

KASC’s entries, through the initiative of Christina L. Ammakiw, are both in the field of health research, specifically along the line of health services delivery.

“The research department has always reserved some attention to Health research, being a concern that also needs immediate advocacy,” KASC’s Research Director Jovita E. Saguibo, said. “and we are excited that the health science unit of the school is somehow responding to our call for active involvement in our mandate as a research institution.”

This is the very first time that a KASC researcher is presenting her output online, through the power of video-conferencing by way of the internet – and it is very likely that, depending on the gains that the school will attain from this participation as President Eduardo Bagtang will evaluate, Ms. Ammakiw’s experience will serve as a landmark precedent which shall sooner or later be emulated by other researchers.

Ms. Ammakiw’s research group includes Marymina P. Odiem, Andrea Sigat, Lorraine Anne Marcos and Judith Balicag.

(This author’s participation is on the design of their presentations as well as in the editing of the slides.)

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