Saturday, November 16, 2013

KASC Ready to Join The Big League

by Marciano A. Paroy Jr.

With the current vehemence of the administration as to the full-fledged attainment of a UNIVERSITY Status, the odds may just turn positively in favor of the school - what with the serious commitment of school leaders to comply with the remaining requirements set forth by the Commission on Higher Education.

Naturally, President Eduardo T. Bagtang leads the pack of school officials in painstakingly satisfying the requisites along the areas that were evaluated as needing more adherence to university standards.

Buoyed by a strong workforce, and encouraged by the cohesive support from the various sectors - namely, students, alumni, the larger community, including political leaders - the present administration can be said to have been working round-the-clock, leaving nothing to chance in clinching that university mark.

The school likewise recognizes the legislative machineries that had been turning - courtesy of Congressman Manuel S. Agyao - whose unswerving stance at the Congress, in pushing for House Bill (HB) 3538 or an act converting the Kalinga Apayao State College into Kalinga State University, finally paid off and resulted to the "almost there" conversion. And so for such steadfast commitment in watching over the fate of The Act, the Congressman was feted during an affair organized solely for his timely and appropriate recognition by the KASC family and the outside community as The Father of Kalinga State University (posted along with this write-up is the facing page of the invitiation for the affair). 

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