Saturday, October 6, 2007


Hon. Floydelia Diasen and KASC President Eduardo Bagtang

Gov. Diasen Graces KASC Induction
By Marciano Paroy Jr.

For the first time since assuming her post as the provincial governor, Hon. Floydelia Diasen visited KASC by serving as the Guest Speaker and Inducting Officer during the State College’s Mass Induction of Officers last July 25 at the Tabuk Gymnasium.
Obviously feeling nostalgic, the Lady Governor expressed how much she misses going to her classes. “But sacrifice has to be made, and I have to stand by the changes that came my way,” she noted.
Earlier, Dr. Carmelita Ayang-ang, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that her bid for the Presidency of KASC may have been destined because a greater task awaited her at the Provincial Government. The VPAA said, “She left a post at the Institute of Health Sciences where she had already masterminded a series of developments, and put into motion her many plans.”
As the Inducting Officer, the Governor focused on the ability of student leaders to follow as they lead. She stressed that “the essence of leadership is followership. One cannot become a leader without following.”
She told her audience to advocate the creation of a climate that is conducive to a leadership style that realizes the vision of the organization under which one belongs.
Facing a group of potential leaders, she enjoined the student officers to take part in the attainment of her PEACE agenda for the province – explaining to them its elements of Peace and Order, Education, Agricultural Productivity, Culture and Tourism, Environment and Health.
Echoing GMA’s words in her State of the Nation Address this month, the Governor advised the young leaders that if other people get in the way of one’s goals and objectives, then the concerned leader must do something about resolving the conflict so that the leadership aspirations would be accomplished without hassle.
The Governor’s speech took an emotional turn when she lightly touched on the late Atty. Rommel Diasen’s death. “I asked myself why this thing should happen to me, but as Dr. Carmelita Ayang-ang told me, ‘Floy, it’s time to brace yourself for a higher level of service,’” she said.
The Lady Governor ended her speech by reiterating her commitment to serve the province of Kalinga for the next three years with sincerity and efficiency.


Dr. Ayang-ang noted that the Governor’s departure from KASC has left her as one of the very few pioneering instructors from the old Kalinga Community College. The dwindling group includes Mrs. Edna Yumol and Dr. Gloria Floresca.

Gov. Diasen had also served KASC as the Director for Student Affairs and Services, and during her stint as such, she has pushed for the accreditation of clubs and organizations – prohibiting the formation of groups that are not duly recognized by the school.

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