Sunday, October 21, 2007


by Marciano Paroy Jr.

Earthline, the official student publication of Kalinga-Apayao State College, is on its 10th year of printing. Since 1997, it has evolved from a pre-dominantly technical journal and slowly assumed the character of a student publication whose tone is decidedly pro-student – while not overlooking its role as a paper that is one with the administration in pushing for meaningful development both in the faculty and in the student level.

It is without doubt that those who served in the editorial board of this paper would be proud to recognize the evolution that Earthline has undergone.


The Institute of Teacher Education, the Institute of Arts and Sciences, and the Institute of Entrepreneurial Arts will be publishing their own institutional newsletters. The Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, however, is ahead in this matter – with the community newsmagazine ACCESS which is published by the DevCom Department. ACCESS will soon publish its third issue and, as usual, it shall cover community concerns – the turf of DevCom as a discipline.

Mrs. Fe Buen has expressed her alarm that the institutional papers might be a duplication of articles being covered by Earthline. But that can be avoided if the institutional papers will draw parameters and be creative in establishing a tone and approach that is distinctly, say, ITE. The name of ITE’s paper is The Mentor, that of IAS is Heritage, while that of IEA has yet to be labeled. Their names should already suggest what is to be read in the pages. The Mentor may exclusively deal with issues confronting future teachers; The Heritage is obviously an inspired name from those in the History department of IAS, so we may be expecting treatises, expositions, and argumentative pieces with a liberal treatment – considering that social sciences have a lot of ground to encompass.

As an ardent exponent of the print medium, I wish complete success to ITE, IAS, and IEA – especially to the advisers, Dr. Marilou Adora, Mr. Daniel Cagan, and Mrs. Leonora Bruno. Earthline will always be supportive.


A certain activity will surely find its way into the pages of the Earthline if the people behind such activity would be prompt in informing Earthline about it – preferably beforehand. It is accreditation season once again, and we should all recognize the importance of documenting these activities. A published activity is a published activity – no one can refute its weight as an evidence.

Babaen iti panangi-timbre yo iti activities in your department, we would be helping one another, and thus make both our work easier.


Before I forget, I had made a mental note way back in August about expressing appreciation to the Rubio couple for helping us out in the stage d├ęcor for the Induction program. In fact, Engr. Ofelia and Architect Samuel are behind the stage decors of almost all programs that took place this sem. Lest I forget, the Earthline writers decided to feature infra issues on the December issue.


Lastly, let us give ourselves an imaginary group hug… we did so many good things this sem. Sige, kasta ngaruden…

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