Sunday, October 21, 2007


by Marciano Paroy Jr.

With the theme, ‘Writing to Uplift One’s Organization,” the Earthline organized a journalism training-workshop on September 6-7 at the 2nd floor of the Main Library building, KASC Bulanao Campus.
The training workshop was initiated by the Earthline staff members together with Marilou Adora (advider for The Mentor), and Marciano Paroy Jr. (Earthline Adviser) .

The activity was participated in by staff members of Access (The Community News-magazine of BSDC and IAF), The Granary (the official student publication of the Laboratory High), Heritage (IAS newsletter), The Mentor (ITE newsletter) and staffers of the IEA newsletter. Interested students also benefited from the said seminar.

The training was not only designed to hone and develop the journalism skills of the participants but also served as a training ground for leadership and team building.
The speakers during the workshop were; Perfelia Buen (BOT Secretary); Fannaliza Sacki, English Instructor and a contributor to Regional newspapers; Daniel Cagan, Editor-in-Chief of Guru Press; Estanislao Albano Jr., from the City Information Office of Tabuk; Giovanni Asbucan, Newsette Adviser of TNHS; Marilou Sawadan, Dev.Com Practitioner and Placido Alsiyang Jr., former anchor of Radyo Ng Bayan.

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