Saturday, October 6, 2007

KASC Researchers Win in Vigan

By Marciano A. Paroy Jr.

A team of five KASC researchers attended the National Conference on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture held at the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, from October 5-6, and managed to bring home top prizes in the poster presentation of research.

Dr. Jovita Saguibo, Research Director for KASC, responded to the invitation sent by the National Research Council of the Philippines by selecting four researches that fittingly meet the criteria set for the conference. The research sent by KASC to the conference were: Sustaining Rain-fed Agricultural Production by Improved Management of Natural Resources (Ernesto Miguel, Jovita Saguibo, Loretto Juan, Irene Calsiyao), Patch Farming Practice in Barangay Magao-gao (Ernesto Miguel, Jovita Saguibo), Zero Disposal System of Agri-Wastes for Sustainable Production of Organic Food (Herbert Imatong, Eduardo Bagtang, Jovita Saguibo), Geographic Information System Made Simple in Developing River, Contour, Watershed, Slope Maps and Community Based Forest Management Project Information System (Manuel Bilagot Jr., Jayvee Flores), and GIS-B Based Sustainable Productivity Assessment of Coffee-based Agro-forestry System in Ab-abaan (Emerson Barcellano).

The poster presentation of Mr. Miguel on his Sustaining Rain-fed Agricultural Production placed first, besting 20 entries from different state colleges and universities in Northenr Luzon. In second place is the research led by Mr. Imatong on Zero Waste Disposal System.

The conference is organized by the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) whose main objective is to encourage the holistic approach to agricultural problems and to promote the progress and development of science and technology related to agricultural sciences through research and publication.

ISSAAS is organized by scientists, technical experts, and researchers in the broad field of agricultural sciences, whose activities are within the Southeast Asian region.

On a related note, College President Eduardo Bagtang threw a victory party for researchers who won at the regional level (CAR) last September 21. With this recent victory, which comes with a cash prize for the winning researchers, it is expected that researchers would be encouraged and challenged all the more to undertake research activities.

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