Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Rebirth of Kalinga Advocate

By Marciano Paroy Jr.

The concept of using the media in advancing developmental efforts of an organization or an agency is not new. This is the very core of what is stylishly known as Development Communication – an approach that is anchored on the principle “communicating with a purpose.”

It follows the simple premise: if something good has been accomplished, and as a result of such accomplishment, positive change has been attained – resulting to a tangible impact – then that “something good” should be made known through all the available media in its various forms.

While it is true that government offices are here to serve the common good, with public leaders carrying out the mandates for which they were installed in the first place, the cause of pushing for stronger support from the people is made easier when they are completely aware of what leaders are trying to achieve.

True, traditional media would scoff at this methodology – for it does put under the limelight the leaders who are currently in position. But there is nothing wrong with that, since they are indeed performing tasks expected from them. A little line of logic: how could people know about the options available for them when they are completely left in the dark? How can a farmer from Bayabat know of the existence of dispersal projects when no efforts were made to disseminate it? How can a house-maker from Tuga know about livelihood trainings?

Any information – regardless of its source, whether a government information officer or a media practitioner from a private media organization – is always news. Treatment may vary: a private media practitioner may put slants, while a government information officer may take the “highlighting” stance – but still, the intent is the same: to inform.

Kalinga Advocate takes the direction of whetting the people’s right to know – believing that in so knowing, some beneficial changes may be effected in the lives of those who became aware.

As this paper is given a new lease on life, the cause of meaningful change shall be the underlying fabric that weaves all the aspects of development under one cast – which is why its editorial staff and its list of contributors is a conglomeration of this community’s currently active writers.

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